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Dry Cleaning

We use only environmentally friendly Hydrocarbon Dry Cleaning solvents to ensure that you have safe and cleaner clothes and extend the life of your clothes. We examine each article carefully for stains or damage and then select a process based on it’s condition, colour, and fabric type. Then, Professionally pressed after cleaning. You’ll feel more confident about your appearance and make a great impression by using Blue Leaf Cleaners’ service. ​
Green cleaning refers to a new-age cleaning method that is aimed at reducing garment care’s impact on our planet. As an alternative to the toxic common solvent of conventional dry cleaning, perchloroethylene (perc), the green dry-cleaning method uses liquid carbon-di-oxide, hydrocarbon, or silicon-based cleaners for its washing process. Blue Leaf Cleaners commits to eco-friendly cleaning for all your garments. Our dry-cleaning process not only makes our procedure toxic free, but also helps clean and rinse your clothes more gently, thereby reducing further wear and tear of fabric.

Wet Cleaning

The original Wet Cleaning system fulfills all the necessary requirements to produce excellent cleaning results — offering perfect protection for the fabric and a pleasant freshness for the cleaned garments. Wet Cleaning is truly a great alternative to dry cleaning.
When it comes to professional fabric care services, Wet Cleaning is actually better for your clothing, your skin, and the environment. That’s because water immersion process only uses biodegradable detergents, not solvents. This means your clothes last longer and are free from dry cleaning chemicals like perchloroethylene (PERC) — a known neurotoxin. Clothes not only come out looking beautiful, but the process itself is also energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. Without a doubt Wet Cleaning is more than a viable alternative, it’s the difference between looking clean and being clean. It leaves your clothing feeling soft, clean and fresh, and free from all those chemical smells usually associated with dry cleaning.

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