A Note About Care Labels 

We can not be held responsible for a garment that does not respond favourably to the cleaning process if the care label has been removed. However, we will approach each item with the utmost of care.

While every care is taken at all times, we cannot accept any responsibility for damage that may occur from causes unknown and beyond our control. We are not responsible for buttons, buckles, zippers, ornaments, shrinkage or dyes which are liable to run or dissolve in the cleaning process.


Some items will shrink! Many manufacturers advise that 3 - 5% shrinkage will occur within the first 3 cleanings.

Privacy policy 

The personal information collected by Blue Leaf Cleaners from our customers is utilized to process and track merchandise trends, service trends, sales, and to provide marketing material to our customers or to administer our Loss Prevention Program. We do not sell your information.